Here’s to 2021

Season of Love

2020 I felt you. I’m still feeling you. Everything I felt was before the hashtags all about you.

We are here to journey in this life

We witness the changes to make things right all within a day and all in someone’s night. This is/was 2020 right?

Did I, you, or we just forget about all the changes learned about and from the elders.

You know like the history before our life in this world. Here we are, another soul another spirit with a chance to bring more love to the light.

I remember

2019 was my year, done with that brokenness, that breastcancer and even learning to speak up about the kind of love I desired in my life. Still, I had something on my mind, a couple of signs, Oh Lord, you helped me through the made up madness in my mind.

I was signing things 2020 like it was here, and then it was. so I wrote and that’s when hindsight appeared.

2020 My Dear!

My driver’s license, the passport, professional certificate, lease to my home, relationship all expired in this year. I thought that thought, so I worked hard to get rid of that fear.

Pause, eat right, exercise, pray more, do right.

Pause, eat what I want, rest, spend more, but I like to save and give, so my budget had to be right. I kept thinking, kept trying, kept moving, kept smiling.

Go! I renewed everything! New license, certificate , passport, car, and new place. The life I live is my own the acceptance matches my grace. Oh how refreshing LoveSurvived finally closed that case. You say 2020 is a year to forget. I say God is in control, and he’s not done with us yet. As we love each day and plan for our new year, remember we cannot create Love when we are held hostage by fear.

That mask brought out a lot of a covered up hate and the illnesses didn’t just happen in isolation, it was near. We will be legendary, kind, uplifting in the 2021 . We will be loving , gentle creative, and fun. Our prayers must be followed with action that move us to cure the ills of what’s been done Many prayers to our families, we’ve lost many love ones. Let’s lead prayers of strength for those whose ailments are unseen, but in need of healing in the all the days to come.

Dear 2020 you are a moment in time. I will share my love to all in 2021 with hopes for peace and love to come shining through . As I live, just like my ancestors knew, a day would come when all this is still known by a future generation trying to make sense of we handled a situation that was won.

Today, I’ll wear my masks, and keep my hands clean. I’ll smile with my eyes and create a new dance to be seen.


So many years ago I lost my mother and that storm made me cry. There was no hashtag for that year, but my heart crumbled inside. So many things happened throughout each year, but each time I became closer to God, and it’s that happiness I look to every second, every hour, every day, every year. We are going to be alright . Love and take action. Justice is Love too, so continue to reach out if you know something isn’t right! Love Today. Tomorrow isn’t promised, but you can surely plan for it!

Much love and blessings to all in 2021!

Inside with Love

Where are you now

I’m inside 
Inside my house
Love is inside
God is love
Love your within
Love is within
Share love
Support for humanity has always been the biggest clout  
Give Love 
So they all will have food in their mouth
Speak Love
Everyday, so that peace and unity  is clear
Teach Love
So our children are comforted, but if left to themselves they understand how to decipher those imaginary fears
Be Love
and we will know more of Love
Much Love
Note: Today is so beautiful just like the others. In the midst of it all, find the time to experience the joy each day brings; you will be stronger .
On this particular day, I was challenged to spell out my name and complete an exercise for each letter. Lol! I chose CEE …short for Cheryl : )
As you can see, those wall sits were a beast! Thank you Shemantha! Your birthday challenge was a blessing. I am Strengthened!
Don’t worry about the unknown.
Do you remember your first breath?
Will you remember your last?
It’s always someone else who can tell the answer, but God is the only one that knows
Take this time to listen to your within
Keep living, loving, and learning about life.
Listen to the music
It’s your dance
It’s your song
Create that beat
Or just play along
The music is playing for us
Let’s all get on board
And dance in the spirit
Of Life
By Cheryl

Much love and prayers for all.

Stay in Faith

In All Matters… Trust!

Surely, I look to God in all things. Surely, in all matters…

I trust in God

I understand things may not happen the way I envisioned, the way I would have liked, the way I expected, but God moves in His way.

Relax your Mind

I must always trust in His plans

I am growing in every aspect of my life. I am so very thankful for having the opportunity to create more of this life. I am so very thankful to be able to witness so much. I love this feeling of really feeling my life.

I will not let myself close up into a shell. The world outside is so beautiful. I love the trees and the rain. I especially love the water soaking into my skin.

I love the energy and the beauty of all creation. I love to feel the wind on my face. I really don’t like the cold, but it’s okay. It reminds me of my mom in a good way.

The Connection.

Those days were something.

I remember walking home with her. It’s was surely cold. We had gotten to the door, and she couldn’t find her keys. We stood there awhile as she laughed about finding her keys. She said she was going to clean her purse one day. She had to go to the bathroom so bad. I think we all did.

After what seemed like an eternity, she found her keys, but the next thing was going through all of the keys to open the door. Oh my!!! You know what? She always lost her keys in her purse. We pretty much went through that routine for a while. We had some good times.

I remember that house. I remember that door. I was only five or six .

Lil ole Me

Surely, I look to God in all matters

Thank you dear Lord, I love you.


Relax your mind.

Enjoy every single day

You are never alone

Your memory of love

Will show you!

You are doing just fine

LoveSurvived T-shirt

Elements of Love

Love You

Love is you

At the very start of the COVID-19 pandemic, I sat down with my girls,and we had a paint party. We were laughing, and thinking, but most of all learning how to talk out our feelings. We shared a lot about our feelings and how we felt about the unknown. A lot has happened since that moment. We are staying in faith, and we are still learning to talk out our feelings. We are learning to stay in faith as we take on the action of love during this time of change.

I look at my painting everyday, and I still see and feel the love from that day, but today is here and there is so much life to be lived. The reminder is in the painting. The reminder is in what you create. Life continues, so continue to be those elements of Love.

Love is who we are.

Love you.

Always love you.

We need love everyday.

Keep speaking love no matter what.

Elements of Love









Service to humanity

Love You

Love Others

Love Life

Love God

Note: Your positive vibe may help mend a life. Much love and prayers to you. This is that season of love. Justice is Love Too. Never Give up!

Elements of Love / Pandemic Art by LoveSurvived Here is the video we created at the beginning of the pandemic.

Start with Art/Getting Through Social Distancing

Much love and prayers to all of you. May we continue to laugh, think, talk it out, create, resolve, and stay in faith during this time. Our children need us.

Visit my LoveSurvived Shop All of the items tell a story of love throughout my wellness journey.

Thank you for the love and support.


Black Woman

Woman Black Woman
I am
Black woman
Tell me how to be
They told me
Tell me who is she
Dethroned me
Owned me
This is what is see
Black woman
Look up
Look around
Look within
I am
My soul
I am
Black Woman

My Love is a Battlefield

I’m a Survivor!

Not really a battlefield
I listened to Pat

and one time Jordin

but this song in mind

Sound like that one

by Lauryn

Leave that Ex

factor alone

Move on to

the next chapter

and heal

Love those tracks

Smooth out that patch

The focus is on the love

You give from your heart

Now let your spirit take in the happiness

your soul was given

from your start.

I love you

Thank you

My Love in Poetic Verse is my Art !

Note: Be Patient with yourself

Free to Be Me

Illustration by Brandondjon

The Changed You

Beats by Vic Bell

Relax Your Mind

We are Here for Life

We are here for
Eternity ❤️

It’s something because I never forget to love
I would often get anxiety because I felt I didn’t get the love
Even more anxiety when I finally got the love
The reality is I always had the love
Inside of me
I needed to learn how to love this love
Truly I know we must give the love
This is how we receive the love
From God!
Much love 💕LoveSurvived💕

Justice is Love Too
Love is You

I Teach

In this journey…

You don’t know what’s at the end of your journey

You feel the journey as you live it

This part of my journey keeps me up at night

Oh, but the other parts did too

I teach

I’m going back to the classroom

I’m going back to the building

My children who

I love dearly will

Go back to the building too

My students are my children

I don’t want anything to happen to any of them

I couldn’t sleep last night

The other night my

Youngest slept in my room

She woke up happy

She said she had a good dream

Not like those other dreams

She asked could she sleep in my room every other night

She asked me if one of us got sick would we have to be locked in our own room

I told her we’d wear a mask

I told her we would spray and disinfect

I ordered more vitamin C, sea moss, black seed oil and ginger tea for the fight

I need to find Lysol

I took the parent survey

I chose for them to go back

They said they’d be fine

I am their mother, and

I have changed my mind

Over and over again

I teach

I’m on the frontline

I’ll be in the classroom

It’s been decided

It’s time

Prayers for me

Pray for all

I already beat breast cancer

My journey

This here is just another part

Much love

I love you

May your comments be helpful not hurtful as we understand how to work within this new plight


He Marched with King!

Thank you!

Thank you for coming in that department store I worked for in downtown Atlanta .

Even though I previously worked for the same company in California where I rung up sales and earned a commission, it was different here. I wasn’t able to get on the register much.

I had to focus on tidying up the display cases, rounders, and the walls. I was happy to have that job! I loved sales, and I loved greeting everyone! I was determined to greet everyone, and I did! There were procedures about greeting everyone. Well…

When you came in the store, I was organizing the ties on several new shirts. There was one shirt I put together that caught your eye.I went on the register,and I sold you that tie! You were so pleased with my service.

You said I’d be someone great one day

You told me to keep shining

You said I was going places!

I told everyone what you said

I didn’t know who you were at that time.

One day, I pointed you out when I saw you on the news.

That’s when I was told who you were!

You marched with King!!!

Much love and prayers to you on your ascension.

You were a person who believed in me!

You believed in others

You inspired me

You inspired others

You fought for us

And now we continue…

Thank you so much,






Eternity ❤️

Life with Love


How do the words come

how do you flow

is it necessary to talk or better to go

What is real

what stimulates the fake

harder to trust

but forgiven for mistakes.

Do what you will over and over again

how many times before the heart won’t mend

Does it last who knows what’s in store

but if trying heart strong time will slowly show

and you’ll know.

Keep it real what’s real who knows

you question trusting accepting what’s on your plate

for a minute patience is of the essence

it gives you time to see His presence

you were put here with love and in love you will be

in love with who in this life created for you to see.

The obstacle

the pain





games all played

it’s a matter of the heart

do your part and have no shame

because life with love is how we live

and to live without love is insane

Much love

By Cheryl P. Robinson

I Am LoveSurvived