I Teach

In this journey…

You don’t know what’s at the end of your journey

You feel the journey as you live it

This part of my journey keeps me up at night

Oh, but the other parts did too

I teach

I’m going back to the classroom

I’m going back to the building

My children who

I love dearly will

Go back to the building too

My students are my children

I don’t want anything to happen to any of them

I couldn’t sleep last night

The other night my

Youngest slept in my room

She woke up happy

She said she had a good dream

Not like those other dreams

She asked could she sleep in my room every other night

She asked me if one of us got sick would we have to be locked in our own room

I told her we’d wear a mask

I told her we would spray and disinfect

I ordered more vitamin C, sea moss, black seed oil and ginger tea for the fight

I need to find Lysol

I took the parent survey

I chose for them to go back

They said they’d be fine

I am their mother, and

I have changed my mind

Over and over again

I teach

I’m on the frontline

I’ll be in the classroom

It’s been decided

It’s time

Prayers for me

Pray for all

I already beat breast cancer

My journey

This here is just another part

Much love

I love you

May your comments be helpful not hurtful as we understand how to work within this new plight


He Marched with King!

Thank you!

Thank you for coming in that department store I worked for in downtown Atlanta .

Even though I previously worked for the same company in California where I rung up sales and earned a commission, it was different here. I wasn’t able to get on the register much.

I had to focus on tidying up the display cases, rounders, and the walls. I was happy to have that job! I loved sales, and I loved greeting everyone! I was determined to greet everyone, and I did! There were procedures about greeting everyone. Well…

When you came in the store, I was organizing the ties on several new shirts. There was one shirt I put together that caught your eye.I went on the register,and I sold you that tie! You were so pleased with my service.

You said I’d be someone great one day

You told me to keep shining

You said I was going places!

I told everyone what you said

I didn’t know who you were at that time.

One day, I pointed you out when I saw you on the news.

That’s when I was told who you were!

You marched with King!!!

Much love and prayers to you on your ascension.

You were a person who believed in me!

You believed in others

You inspired me

You inspired others

You fought for us

And now we continue…

Thank you so much,






Eternity ❤️

Life with Love


How do the words come

how do you flow

is it necessary to talk or better to go

What is real

what stimulates the fake

harder to trust

but forgiven for mistakes.

Do what you will over and over again

how many times before the heart won’t mend

Does it last who knows what’s in store

but if trying heart strong time will slowly show

and you’ll know.

Keep it real what’s real who knows

you question trusting accepting what’s on your plate

for a minute patience is of the essence

it gives you time to see His presence

you were put here with love and in love you will be

in love with who in this life created for you to see.

The obstacle

the pain





games all played

it’s a matter of the heart

do your part and have no shame

because life with love is how we live

and to live without love is insane

Much love

By Cheryl P. Robinson

I Am LoveSurvived

Is it His Will, or is it Jaded?

Will this Jaded sense of reality go away?

As far as the programming, we have at least until 2022 or longer to sit in the outskirts of that table if we want. It’s all real talk with a lucrative contract at stake. The situation fits into the business model,and its working. There’s even another table coming for our social media fix that will add even more diversity to the audience and aid many more groups with daily topics for discussion.It’s all love for this forum, and other groups who help many, including myself, get through some real deep stuff.

Is it His Will or is Love Jaded?

Love is something you work for in your marriage. It’s your business to maintain and keep it going for you. You have invested in something sacred and true.

Do you hold on?

If something goes wrong some choose to stay to work it out for business reasons, the children, or they just truly love each other and trusted faith to lead!

What happens after these talks?

Do you reach out to your love one, your pastor, spiritual leader, God, or even a grocery store clerk?


Someone maybe in a fight right now for that new word going around. As we are dancing to the remix, someone may be getting threatened in real life, stuck in isolation, hearing warnings like if they ever tried that jaded mess…!!!!! Someone broke off an engagement, or decided to settle for just that, some stick with their vows and know that it’s entertainment, and just that.

Learn you! Keep asking yourself questions. Don’t worry about what anyone says, give yourself the answer!

Reach in your heart and have patience with yourself. We are all learning? Love is in your heart!

Have fun with the pastimes you like . No judgement here, be happy with who you are when you go to sleep at night.

Love is so beautiful, and You are love,so I’m talking to you. You know when you’ve been mishandled, you feel it, and when we see both sides of something presented in love, based on our own experiences we most likely take a side, and we do it based on where our trials, tribulations, spiritual journeys, and Love has led us.

Note: We Will love what we know, we will love different when we know, and we will love more when our spirit connects with our soul.

There is nothing Jaded about that!

Much love,


LoveSurvived Instagram

Enjoy your life.

Where is the love?

You know love

Love is YOU


As approach each new day


Our women are crying, so we must come together and seek justice for our queens,our children, and our men. We need everyone in this world to come together in prayer and in action.

Much love ❤️


Growth is so Beautiful

We are all of nature

We are all of the Earth



The trees

The love

The breeze

Keep growing

You have no choice

We grow

And we keep growing

It’s the knowing

That become clearer

When we start

Showing our love

For God

There are so many STARS

In this world

Keep Shining

It’s not the secret

It’s not the silence

It’s the love you give

It’s the love you share

It’s the love you speak

It’s the love you teach

It’s the love you are to be in this world

When you create a path for more stars.

Walk in love


You are going to get there


With God

Where are we now

With God

God is Love

Be that

Share that

Give that

Speak that

Teach that

Now that

my friend

Is Love

Cheryl P. Robinson

Note: Nature is that natural love

Go plant some love

Go see that love

Go talk to that love

Go water that love

Go be that love


Much love, Cheryl

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The Aftermath?

Let God work on you! You are strong enough! You cannot predict the future! You cannot predict the future! Believe in Him! Trust in Him! Stay in faith! Strive to do your best each day! He will move you! He is always working! This time we are in is so beautiful! Change is good! Continue to speak up and speak out. Continue to pray and take action. Yes, I moved again! I know God moves me! I am not questioning Him, because He is All-knowing! I have learned so much. Listen to yourself. Listen to your inner self! You know when something or someone is wrong! God gave you that detector! That detector, that inner feeling is love! God is Love. You don’t have to waste your time judging anyone. Who marched? Who gave to the poor? Who posted ? Who made a sign? Y’all, it’s all needed! Everything and everyone has a role in this change whether they like it or not. We will continue to evolve! We will continue to love. We will continue to change this world. We love all! God knows this! I know in my heart that God is tired of seeing His black children abused. Now, in this era, we are speaking Black Lives Matter, so we can heal and create a place of peace on this Earth. The peace in all of this of course is equality and equality means for all! So you see, no one, I repeat, no one is left out! Much love and much love again! #lovesurvived #justiceislovetoo

Happy Juneteenth!

Thank you dear Lord, I love you. This day is beautiful! #loveheals #justiceislovetoo So we must continue to #speaklove The truth in all unity is to acknowledge the acts and causes of the disunity! We must lookto the children. The children feel it! The children see and hear more than we know. God is guiding us. We are in that peak of the change our ancestors prayed for! Everyone has a station. Do what you can to make this world safe for all of humanity. We must break these chains implanted in our minds. We must know we are Greatness! We must know that our greatness is not measured by a systematic process of believing you were born inferior and you now can only hope to be accepted into an imaginary superior cloth! We are humanity! We are of God! So as we pray, we take action and we unlearn each day that mindset of power over people. Much love and Much love again. #sharelove #givelove #patience #loveyou #godisworking #dontgiveupthefight #lovesurvived #godisnotthrough #belove #youseeit #dontignore #prayfortheworld #thesechildrenaremine #juneteenth #icecube

Note: You are doing just fine

Take care of yourself. Make sure you keep your mind clear .

Drink Water!


Walk up to it and be who you are meant to be in this world at this time in this day. #belove #beyou #loveisyou #loveheals #justiceislove #sharelove #speaklove #teachlove #givelove #life #lovesurvived


Change 2020

I smile because we need to smile. We need to feel the love. We need to channel everything that God is showing us. Don’t get mad at 2020. Don’t get tired! Don’t you dare give up! Justice is love too! God is over all things. How much longer should hate be allowed to thrive? No more! This all hurts! I want peace so bad. I can’t sleep at night! I love so hard. We must speak up! We must speak love! We know our children are hurting. We know we have been accepting so much just so there will be no trouble. Trouble still comes y’all! We must say no more. We must be strong! We must love humanity! We must continue to heal the world. This change won’t be easy, but it is necessary! You know what’s in your heart! You feel it! You know you have to give up something to get to the better! You know you must be love! I am so glad to be here in this day! I am so happy to be in this world. God Sufficeth! Much love and prayers to all! Much love and healing! Much love and much love againNote:We are healing! We must continue to speak out! #justiceislovetoo #loveheals #resilience #teachlove #wellness #dowhatyoucan #educatethesechildren #prayerforthedeparted #prayersforhealing #prayersfortheworld #blacklivesmatter #youseeit #dontignore #womannocry #lovesurvived #humanity #lordknows


Home Fries!

Yes! Home Fries today?

How do you Relax?

I pray and meditate!

I give thanks!

I share love!

I dance!

I listen to music!

I write!

I cook! Oh how I love to cook!

Today, I am celebrating Breastcancersurvivors day! I love y’all. Much love and prayers to the world! We are here to love 💗

Homefries, cheese omelette squares, sausage links, fruit, and toast! Made by me with so much LOVE


Note: This is a day of change. Be a part of the good that will come from the fight towards justice. God created us to love, and he is over all things. Let’s take in his blessings. I love you 💕


You are doing just fine

You are doing just fine! Much love ❤️

I just wanted to come here and check on everyone. Our nation, our world is going through a much needed awakening that more eyes can see and feel. We are standing for justice for black lives , fairness, health, unity, and economic equality. Yes, there is more, but I want to tell you that you are so loved.

I want you to know that I’m am praying for you. I want you to know that with all we are fighting for in this day, I understand you are still grieving the loss of your own. I understand that you are trying to make sense of your recent diagnosis, I know you are trying to teach your teen to walk right. I feel you when you say you don’t know how you are going to pay your bills because your job no longer exists. I see you in a relationship that no longer serves you, and you are looking for ways to get out. I love your examples of creating a business. I love how you are showing us that beautiful marriages exist, I’m so happy you got that job, I love your new house, I see you healing from that illness, You look awesome in your new car. Congratulations on joining your church.You are so amazing!

I am here to pray for you. This group is here to pray for you. This is what LoveSurvived is all about. We share love. Love is the answer. We share the good times and we comfort you in the low times. I love you my friends.