Keep Going

Never pretend to love someone for financial gain. Be true. Rise up yourself and people will come to you. You hurt your inner spirit when you fake it to make it. God knows your heart. Don’t attach yourself to material wealth. Wealth will visit you. You are actually a lot wealthier than you’ll ever know. Your hard work and your ability to share your love with the world is beautiful. Your talents are God given. Your drive is based upon the courageous steps you take. Keep going.

You have had setbacks. You are here. The world is going through something so felt by all of us because we have the technology and intelligence to know of it!We must embrace each other. We must not separate from love. We don’t know our hour. We don’t know the story of who we are being led to shun. We must speak love everyday. Yes! Justice is love. We must speak on that. We must take the time to meditate and hear the voice of God. Listen and you will hear our ancestors speaking. Give Love everyday. Our children are crying out. Please smile for them. Be Love for them. They will need to carry the future generations forward. We need them to know Love. Thank yourself and be thankful for what you have. Be thankful for what you are putting in place for the future generations. Please Love today. Enjoy today. Every second of today is here for you to love. My friends, I love you. I am so thankful for my journey. Even as I am closing one door to a season of my life , I feel the freshness of another door already open for me. This is growth. Life is beautiful. The tests will shake us up , but oh what a feeling to know that staying true will get you through on your worse day.

Stay strong y’all. You are the light you’ve been searching for. God is within you. Teach love everyday and your blessings in this world will shine forever. Much love and Much love again.

Your throwback is the Journey.

Note: You are doing just fine. Stay in faith. Pray for others and remember to be courageous!


I love y’all

I love you Rose.





Inside with Love

Where are you now

I’m inside 
Inside my house
Love is inside
God is love
Love your within
Love is within
Share love
Support for humanity has always been the biggest clout  
Give Love 
So they all will have food in their mouth
Speak Love
Everyday, so that peace and unity  is clear
Teach Love
So our children are comforted, but if left to themselves they understand how to decipher those imaginary fears
Be Love
and we will know more of Love
Much Love
Note: Today is so beautiful just like the others. In the midst of it all, find the time to experience the joy each day brings; you will be stronger .
On this particular day, I was challenged to spell out my name and complete an exercise for each letter. Lol! I chose CEE …short for Cheryl : )
As you can see, those wall sits were a beast! Thank you Shemantha! Your birthday challenge was a blessing. I am Strengthened!
Don’t worry about the unknown.
Do you remember your first breath?
Will you remember your last?
It’s always someone else who can tell the answer, but God is the only one that knows
Take this time to listen to your within
Keep living, loving, and learning about life.
Listen to the music
It’s your dance
It’s your song
Create that beat
Or just play along
The music is playing for us
Let’s all get on board
And dance in the spirit
Of Life
By Cheryl

Much love and prayers for all.

Stay in Faith

What’s Going On?

One day

One way


Like the others

That way

It’s been time to pray

We’ve been doing this


Keep going

It’s all


Share love

Fix plates

Speak Love

Say grace

Give love

In your highest


Be Love

For the human


Teach love

Be still

And create

More Love

We are stronger

If we educate

Much love

Be safe


Note- Relax your mind and enjoy each beautiful moment. Be kind and helpful to each other. Remember that love heals, and we must use our love to strengthen others.

Much love and prayers for all!

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I love y’all, and I thank you for being here. Feel free to share my blog with someone.

Get to Love

There are so many ways to get to love

And yet so many ways we forget to love

But did we really learn how to be the love

Here is our chance to find the love

Open up and know it’s not hard to love

Here it is

within you

that kind of love

You were created to know and share the love



To Be

That Love

You keep talking about

Thank you for creating me

Note: Listen to Love 🎶

To Know & To Love

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In All Matters… Trust!

Surely, I look to God in all things. Surely, in all matters…

I trust in God

I understand things may not happen the way I envisioned, the way I would have liked, the way I expected, but God moves in His way.

Relax your Mind

I must always trust in His plans

I am growing in every aspect of my life. I am so very thankful for having the opportunity to create more of this life. I am so very thankful to be able to witness so much. I love this feeling of really feeling my life.

I will not let myself close up into a shell. The world outside is so beautiful. I love the trees and the rain. I especially love the water soaking into my skin.

I love the energy and the beauty of all creation. I love to feel the wind on my face. I really don’t like the cold, but it’s okay. It reminds me of my mom in a good way.

The Connection.

Those days were something.

I remember walking home with her. It’s was surely cold. We had gotten to the door, and she couldn’t find her keys. We stood there awhile as she laughed about finding her keys. She said she was going to clean her purse one day. She had to go to the bathroom so bad. I think we all did.

After what seemed like an eternity, she found her keys, but the next thing was going through all of the keys to open the door. Oh my!!! You know what? She always lost her keys in her purse. We pretty much went through that routine for a while. We had some good times.

I remember that house. I remember that door. I was only five or six .

Lil ole Me

Surely, I look to God in all matters

Thank you dear Lord, I love you.


Relax your mind.

Enjoy every single day

You are never alone

Your memory of love

Will show you!

You are doing just fine

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Thank Yourself Today

Thank yourself for everything you have accomplished.

Thank yourself for remaining sound, for getting back up during your times of adversity.

Thank yourself for allowing yourself time to be you

Thank yourself for loving God.

Thank yourself for recognizing His love for you.

Thank yourself for striving each day.

Thank yourself for opening your heart to others

Thank yourself for the smile you give each day

Thank yourself for today!

Thank yourself for giving yourself time to learn how to love in the moments where love appears so far away.

Thanking yourself is okay!

Pat yourself on the back and keep going. You are doing just fine.

Note: Love who you are. You are here to learn and grow in love. Take chances. It’s all a part of you. Self love gives you the strength you need to serve humanity.

My daily starter:

Meditation and prayer

Thank you dear Lord, I love you.


Hindsight/Foresight 20/20

This post is such a reminder of the beauty of life

We don’t know what’s in store so,we must continue to be ever present in each day.

Love what you do and strive to be better. Everyday is a new day for knowing and learning more.

I look at this post and I am reminded of my journey then. The break through I had in understanding how to rebuild my life after divorce. The whole idea of trusting myself to take on new ideas and put them into play. Even as the ups and downs of this year continued, my confidence and readiness to tackle whatever life had for me was put into play early fall 2018 with my diagnosis of breast cancer.

My journey was a journey of love. The gathering of my children, family and friends the unexpected support through the ups and downs. The trials and tribulations of the day to day what’s known and unknown. Learning to embrace what I had under control and let go of even the things out of my control.

Learning to take in the love I so often shared with people was the most difficult. I loved when I had a visitor. Even the mere thought of someone visiting me was how I connected to my strength. I’d cook meals just to show I could get up, was healing to my soul, but my friends and family knew what I needed, and my doorbell rang each day with meals, groceries, and gifts of love.

Each evening my boyfriend took over and made sure my mind was clear. The kiss on the forehead, the evening hugs for me to go to sleep and not be afraid. The late night phone conversation with my sisters and friends when I couldn’t sleep. Even my girlfriend from California stayed on the phone until I fell asleep. The unexpected gifts, the beach trip that helped me conquer so much, the trip to Orlando that brought out the laughter and the fight in me. Even today, there is a constant flow of support for my well being as this journey is forever a part of me. I, in turn will continue to help others who are walking this journey of love.

The pain is a blur! I forgot about the pain. I really can’t remember too much about the four plus surgeries and procedures. I sometimes ask my family about what happened. I have pictures and some video.

I don’t need to remember the pain. Fall 2019 the cancer is gone.

I am not the same.

I am thankful.

I know what God has done.

He’s in control

Love heals

We don’t know our hour

Whatever time we have is the time we have to do what’s in our heart.

Each day I am striving to do just that.


Don’t be so hard on yourself.

You can look back at your past. It’s shows you your strength, but don’t get stuck there. The love of the present is here. The beauty is in today.


Look at that baby learning how to walk.

The courage to stand

Getting those legs strong

Looking to her parents

She holds on

She looks to let go

She may let go for a second

She is working on taking that step

She fell so many times already

There are even times where she takes a while to let go and take a step again depending on the fall

Depending on who was around

Depending on who helped her, who cheered her, who comforted her when she took a fall

Eventually she walks maybe when no one is looking.

Maybe there is a crowd

But whenever it happens

The next thing is here


Love your Dreams

I had a dream my mother was pressing my hair. Even though she is in spiritual world of God now, it was in my dream that I was able to experience her in this very intimate moment. I was in her lap, and she pressing my hair with out burning me one time. Now this was something because I’ve had never gotten through a good hair pressing with out feeling the pain from the hair grease or the pressing comb touching my scalp! It was beautiful! It take moments like these to understand her spiritual presence. God guides me His way. As we go through life learning what has been gifted through the books of God. I do know that I am love and love is beautiful! It is a beautiful feeling to share the love I feel with you!

I love y’all!

Open that window.

It opens to life!





Notes: If you are missing a loved one, facing difficulties, or in the process of healing , stay in faith. I am praying for you to be strengthened.

We don’t have the answers, but our trust in God is all we have

Be thankful for your signs of love.

I love you!

It will come back to you!

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Let the Music Play

All you need is one, and that one is you.

On this particular day, I had just scrolled through FB sharing love to friends, family and strangers celebrating anniversaries, birthday photos, smiles,and offering blessings to even those I didn’t see because anyone at any moment is battling depression, sadness, a loss of someone or something special.

As I scrolled through my timeline, I came across a childhood friend live broadcast of his deejaying skills. He played 80’s hip hop and dance music. I tried to scrolled past because needed to finish reading.

(I had only a few more pages left)

Ironically I was on the chapter that spoke on the idea of sharing and caring. It was more detailed about being about love!

Well, needless to say, I went back to listen. It was actual myself, and one other personal that time. I typed in Hey! Next, I saw my brother get on for a brief moment.

Next, I decided to stay in his live feed! I keep one ear phone in so I could listen to the music while I finished the chapter. Each beat of the old school mix had a healing power that gave me energy and strength I needed. Man, I had completed a much needed power walk earlier, and I was a little sore, but suddenly that pain left. My smile and positive energy flow through my body as I could feel every moment of my life in each mix. This was old school

I faintly heard the deejay say I was the only one there.

It didn’t matter.

All you need is that one, and sometimes that one is you.

He was there. He did that. His idea of share his passion at that moment added to my life. Share your gift . Always share your gift. Love is everywhere.

Let the music play y’all.

You never know who you are inspiring.

Let the music play!

Note: Give love


We Miss You

Pray for the departed. They are your strength. Keep praying for them. Your love is uplifting. You cry because you are feeling their love. Continue to call them to mind to share their loving spirit with the world

Their beauty is in your smile.

Their beauty is in your actions

If you are not getting it quite right today. Try again now.

That’s it. Smile. Look for the good in all things .

I am glad you are reading this

Please know

You are love

Believe it

I am glad you are here

It’s all a beautiful journey

Create again

Love again

Create more

Love more

Enjoy life

We miss you Ma



The legacy

Of Love