“It’s Gonna Heal!”

It’s hard fighting what you can’t see

Trying to move around

But something was always keeping you down

You know it’s there

But you pass it off

You walking

You eating

so that’s a victory

The days keep going

and you start to see

Hey why was it so easy

For them and not for me

Oh keep going

Again you walking

You got enough to eat

Now you can’t do task

You inside but you see

That challenge

exposed the wounds

that were stitched

But not cleaned

the process

To heal is painful and deep

But you gotta

keep walking

so you can eat

Stay strong

Fight through it

And in the middle

It will all meet

Much love

Love heals

Note: We must stop all cancers!

Love heals

Justice is Love too
















It’s Alright

The heckle and hide

The lonely night

Is better than that ride

Get up Get out

Door lock from the inside

The key covered in fright

Mind fuzzy, but clear when you go

You spent too much time explaining to your foes

Free you are

Yes indeed

Your seeds will grow

And they will know

When you are long gone

How you fought for

Your soul

Don’t worry

About anything

Everything is


Much love

I Left By Cheryl P. Robinson

Produced by Vic Bell


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