Believe in the Power of Love

Dear Lord,

I thank you for every day.

Keep the faith no matter what!
Greatness is always knowing the tests put before you are for your greater good. You really must believe in His power. His love is everlasting. Thank you, dear Lord, for carrying me. Thank you for allowing me to know you are the One. Thank you for showing me the way to seek you. Thank you for being patient with me. I am growing and it is a delight to know each day is you. Each day you are within me.Each day you give me a responsibility to grow, to learn, and to serve humanity. Life is so beautiful ♥️ Love is beautiful. Thank you for giving me the opportunity to share what I am learning through tests, trials, and stages of forgiveness. As I learn to speak love in my
daily conversations, I incorporate affirmations that remind me how important it is to love myself, be confident, gentle, kind, sweet, considerate, thoughtful, spiritual, loving, smart, beautiful, happy, and extraordinary in all of my pursuits.

To the person reading this, If you are searching for love, confused about it, or even at your happiest state, I would say to you, keep going. Never stop giving, speaking, sharing, and teaching about the love God has blessed you with. Know that each day is a new day on the continuum of your journey. Enjoy each beautiful second, minute, and hour. Strive for greatness. Speak out to love. Have conversations with Love and listen to the Love within you. You will love who you are when you know who you are, and believe me that challenge will be put before you over and over again.

Change is good! You will find your gift because the gift is you. You are a gift to this world. You will no longer yearn to be loved because you understand the love you yearned for is all inside of you. Life teaches you, love. Open your heart. Never close your heart to love, because Love makes it better.


Remember, you are the love you have been searching for, so free yourself from hurt. Free your self from pain. Free your self from loneliness. Free yourself! You are now free to love. You are free! Trust your freedom. Trust in God! Have faith in your freedom! Have faith in God! Love your freedom! Love God! If you get tired and overwhelmed, it’s okay to rest! Do not get stuck in resentment or self-pity. It will rob you of your greatness. You need to enjoy each day. Put forth every effort to serve humanity. Look to put greatness into the universe by Speaking of love while focusing on the wholeness of your well-being. Speak of all that will set the world right. Do not ignore wrongdoings. It will be settled. You will settle it without a vindictive nature, but you will be firm. You will settle it! God will see it and settled it is! God is All-Knowing. Stay on the path of love and do not deviate from your attraction to love. Your beautiful spirit is love. Yes, you may backslide into thinking of your own faults and perceived failures, but your positive mindset is growing you through it! Let it go! Cherish your ability to move forward and to love forward with love. You will sharpen your skills. You will advance you. You will create a haven for peace, and it will enhance you. You will continue to be strong. You will not allow hate to set in your spirit. You will cleanse your heart and you will ask for forgiveness every day from God! You will Thank God for every waking moment.

Thank you, dear lord, I love you! Thank you, dear lord, I love you! You will pray for them pray for them pray for all of them. You will pray for you, pray for you, and these prayers will be for all of us! These prayers will guide all and these prayers will help all of us feel new. Yes! Prayers God is good! Thank you, dear lord, I love you so much. Thank you, dear lord, I do. Cleanse your spirit! Stay healthy. You are happy. You are free! Get those things out of your head you can’t control. You can not control those things do what you can. Thank you, dear lord, I love you. Walk and eat well! Eat well every day! Do something nice for yourself. Love who you are. Be genuinely happy for people. God brought you this far to love more! You are Love! Believe in His power. You are healed through Him. What a wonderful experience it is to know love. Thank you.

You matter!

You matter!

You matter!

Your love matters!

You are love!
Lord let me know when someone is not right for me.

Thank you,




Love in this World


Choose to Love in this World

God created the World

You are the creation

Your love creates

Your state of mind fulfills

your destiny

Train your mind to see the Love

from your creations

Give Love Share Love Speak Love Teach Love Be Love 

Learn to stay in faith

Faith is knowing! It’s so important to stay in faith no matter the circumstances. If we build with faith, our lives will only be led by Greatness. We will only see Greatness in each step. Greatness is who we are.

Don’t hope or wish for anything in this world.  As we advance in our learning, we must know that faith is the stronghold. Again, it is our faith! It is our faith in all things that keep us going.


Keep Going!

Love ya’ll,




You Are Not Alone

That song… “If you think you’re lonely now…”. Sometimes I get lonely, but I am not alone. God is always with me!

If you feel alone, give yourself a great big I Love You!

Daily reminders: Keep going, Cherish Every Moment, Love Is For Eternity, Share love, Keep the faith, Be Thankful, Teach Love, Speak Love, and continue adding to this list because LOVE never ends.

All you write about is love

Where is the hate?

It’s there but it should not be

I write in the heavenly state

Focus on movement

Change what can be done

Stop all this war

Be at peace

Make the world a better place

Look at ourselves

What can we do brighten, enlighten, make a change for this age

Has it been about the children why they act that way

Adults are we children because we lack spiritual and loving ways.

Oh that’s too hard too many different ways to get to God

This church, that church, this shrine, that mosque

Who are you going to follow?

What about your heart, is He there?

Is that the plain truth?

What if we were to teach from that main vessel of ours that gift of love

Oh its been there,
Oh now, do we remember your youth?

Say what people of the land could you be the teacher?

If you listened to your heart you’d know from the start we are all capable creatures.

What if you taught music and science along with the language of love to every soul

These Children, our child would see the light and the love would spread
 to make us whole

All I write about is love.

Does this sound like hate?


How do you know Love?

Does love grow like plants and trees from the Earth, your soul?

There is a need to know what love is and how it feels

Is it winter, spring, summer, the falling in love appeal.
 How can you know, will you?

How do you know what love is what it could be

If you fear the sanctity of loving what it should be

Looking for love where did it go what if it were watching you even years ago or did you miss it concerned because you couldn’t see past the rain or catch the sunlight of what’s coming because your fog blinded loves name.

How do you know?

You know love?

You’ve seen it in you, feel it

Love is your hearts pounding but your rush hides it and it goes.

Be free to love

Let it in

Let it know

Love is forever

So find it

And let it grow

I love my life, my story, my strength, my challenges, my changes, my beginnings, and by design my words are created to help you. My journey is in the poetic verse so that my art becomes you. My hope is that your eyes develop a picture of it that suits you, your voice changes the melodies to instruct you, and your ears catch any and every tune to inspire and enlighten you so you will know, love, and continue to speak your truth. I love you!

You are the love in someone’s day.  I believe it!


Cheryl P. Robinson


Weather the Storm with Love

Weather the Storm with Love

Instead of giving power to storms in my life,

I started doing more, giving more, praying more,

and sharing my love with you.

I am thankful.

I stay positive.

I work at staying away from negativity. I show and tell people how to keep the faith, and yet I work everyday to stay in faith.

I keep going.

I keep moving.

I keep trying.


My very courageous friend Sarah, called me from Texas, a little before the storm to let me know she received her LoveSurvived T-shirt. As always, she was sweet loving and concerned for my well-being (She’s like this to everyone;You’d love her too!). Even though she has been battling the pain from Crohn’s disease nearly all of her life, this time she was scared and couldn’t understand why so few doctors were there to help her. All she wanted was to be relieved of the pain. The hurricane hit. She was scared, but her pain subsided as she went along with her husband, Danny on the front line each day to help those impacted by the storm genuinely working to take the pain away from others. She has that special gift of love, and I love her.

Guess what? You have the gift of love too, but at times you can’t see it because it is often hidden by those storms called hate, envy, jealousy, strife, and insecurity.  The gift of love has always been with you. You are love, and I love you.

FullSizeRender (1)

Prayers to All in the midst of a storm,



Keep Trying

What if you knew from even in the womb?

The day you would die in

Would you cry?

Still would you try?

Knowing your day would come

Would you do all you should?

If you knew the joy and your pain

Your losses your gains

Would you believe in each day?

To make a difference to pave the way

No matter how long

Your dances your song

A repetition of sound

A message for us to keep living loving

And learning about life however long

Life isn’t short

It’s an abundance of time

You will leave physically when called

But it’s your spirit, your beauty, and your melody

That will stay in this world to help us see

What’s right with us, not wrong?

How many times have you failed?

Your list is long

But each with a success

So give it another try and

Finish strong!

Cheryl Pittman Robinson



We Are Connected by Love

Everything you do is connected to someone else’s journey. I have told myself that anyone I encounter will be successful. I believe you can do anything. Why did I not believe in myself? Speak and learn to Let Love know!

This is the journey

my story

my strength

my challenge

my change

my beginning

all  better in this world for you


Life Before Divorce

Everyday I want to talk about

What I don’t want to talk about

Everyday I want to talk about

What I went through,

But I don’t know where to start

Because I had so many start overs

I was love inside of love

I was in love forever

I was in love with …

How could you treat love like this

But the sweet love is what I reminisced

Every day I want to talk about it,

But I don’t know how to talk about it

Is it because in my mind at times I chose not to see the wrong happening in it, or was it covered by my want and need to fix the what and who in all of it?

From this Day Forward

Everyday when and if I think about the fine line crossed in all of it, I will celebrate the now and treasure the gift of being able to share my journey through all of it.

From this day the greatest joy is in moving forward and learning to live past all of it. I am growing because my past gave me strength to understand that there is more to life than to dwell on it. I’m loving me, and inspiring you to love yourself is the success in all of this.

Love is Me

What is Love?

Where is love?

Love is not situational

Yet we place on it the conditional

The you together

We together

But if you falling apart can’t

Stand the weather

Never forget the art in the start

The what is love

The where is love

I know love

I found love

Love is this spiritually sound

Purposeful deed

So simple because you are from

The seed

Created by love

That beautiful love


Cheryl Pittman Robinson




The Break Up

Dear Women,

I divorced just short of 30 years of marriage. I love marriage, but I had to leave mine.

Love yourself because healing takes time!


I’m not telling you to break up

Go make up cook the steaks up

It’s not a fake up when you try to work it out

And get your T.D. Jakes up.

More mistakes up

Jay Z and Beyoncé’ rakes up

While your emotions running wild

Because your family needs your financial

Cakes up.

You crying filling these lakes up

Conversations with God most important,

But your pride pushes the stakes up

The institution is worth keeping together

For the goodness sakes up,

Either way when it all wakes up trust in God

Love always, follow God, and watch the way He takes up

Your matters are for you to determine if you need to stay or make

A decision to break up!

By Cheryl Pittman Robinson

Stay True

Speak Love

Family First

Much Love


I Am Now



God is Love

I am thankful for my journey. As I go through stages of self-discovery, I am acknowledging my strengths.

Did I see things or did I choose not to see?


I just believed in my choice to love, to hold it together, to heal, to forgive, to protect, to prevent, to honor, and to continue on until I could no longer feel the love that was somehow there inside my heart for the one I had loved for so long.

One Night,

I closed my eyes and looked within, I saw Love hold me, healing me, forgiving me, protecting me, and I wanted Love back. All along my path to be, in my heart is where Love was free. My journey to know and to love was within me. I find in my writing my spirit was guided you see. The messages are clear when I speak about Love. I’m laughing with Love, crying to Love, and learning about Love just by letting Love know.

The first step was to let Love know.



Steps to Greatness

What is keeping you from achieving greatness?

Never let anyone or anything deter you from stepping into your greatness….

As I was trying to figure out what to talk to you about, I knew the focus should be on getting out of my own comfort zone. It is just too easy for me to tell myself not to draw too much attention to myself because someone might just say something negative and I may just cry. Nope! I swear to you even as I am writing, I don’t even understand why I allow my concept of love to be overshadowed by how others perceive me. Really?


My mission in life is to develop a thick skin!

My mission in life is to keep going!

My mission in life is to create!

My mission in life is to love!

My mission in life is to be!


I am thankful for my life.

I am thankful for my ability to move.

I am thankful for my gift to write poetry.

I am thankful for my family, friends, and you.

I am thankful for this moment.


I am really having a great day today, because I chose to look at the greatness in others. I am so happy to see others succeed.

In reality, we feel success in our hearts when we choose to celebrate the success of others. Take a look at how we are creating an environment of more love…Do you see it?

When we feel it, we will share it, and we all flourish. Thank you.

I am successful, and so are you!


Lost and Found by Me

I found me
Where were you
I was here
But in my mind
Lost in fear
Walking with the blind
Counting the years
I found me
On a journey
No regrets
I had to grow
In order to know
That faith is love
All was not lost
The beauties created from that life
Prepared me
The tests and difficulties
Shaped me
Matters of the heart transcended me
Being a lover of His light
Protected me
Sharing my love with you
Elevated me
When I acted in faith
I found me
Much love,

Cheryl Pittman Robinson

Journey- I woke up one morning and just started writing this….

There is one thing I learned and that is life isn’t always what it appears to be or what you imagined it to be. Life just is! When you understand life for what it is… Well, when you grow, when you love, and when you live, you begin living to love and serving God in a way that only you can. This does not come from any outside material findings. It’s an inner wealth that you get from God. You see, it’s already there but when you are growing you learn to accept His will. You look at change both good and bad and you change with it in a way that you are directed. You become honest with yourself.


What did you do?

What can you do differently?

How does it help humanity?

Are you consistently in a state of prayer?

Are you working on your spiritual development each day?

Are you in faith?

Do you really love you?

Do you hear those answers?

It’s okay to love you. You must love you so much because if you do you will treat others with love and respect. You will guide them. You will not judge. You will understand that they to have a story. Their journey, in life on this Earth may it be chaos or calm, is a life. The legacy they hold may be etched in our minds as something to aspire to or not.

There is a level in all of our lives where we have not been at our best, but we learn to stay humble, to trust in his name, to listen to our ancestors when they come to mind, and pray for them everyday. They are with every whisper of the wind.

Create the art of love. Give your talent to the world. Speak love and mean it. Teach love and believe in it.  Share love and don’t ask for it in return. Give love and keep on giving it. Be love and keep on giving it. Be love and your stations will be revealed.


Only God knows you and only God knows…You must have faith in all things. Life is everlasting. All signs are there…It is your station, your purpose, your longevity, andyour use in this world that teaches someone about life. As you analyze the life of a growing child, you may see your tender self in ways that you may have forgotten. God guided you in every way. You made it through. You are here right now. You are thankful and Love is guiding you. You are now!


Listen to your heartbeat. Listen to what you are praying for and know why you are asking for it. Is there a feeling in your heart, a tingle in your stomach each time you feel for a person that everyone has cancelled out. You are okay. This is the beauty of God. You are love. You understand not to condemn, however, you know God’s will.

The world is capable, but we all have a role in speaking love. Justice is love too. We must teach this and trust that every wrong can be made right through all efforts when those conversations with God take place. Your tests have strengthened you for Greatness. Your story is a result of your choices. Your story is not over. Is this the beginning? You cannot call it the end.


On this day you are reading this note, and you are feeling everything. You know your heart. You feel happiness. You are now taking care of yourself, so you will better be able to share yourself with others. Give love, teach it, speak it, be it!

Remember, if your want to know Love you must let Love know your love. I love you, and I am thankful for my gift. My light cannot be extinguished.