It’s all Connected

It all sounds the same

It’s all connected

Who you are

Where you are

What you are doing

Your beauty

Is shining

And the world

Is lifted in


Because this is that time

This life

You were created to

Know and love

Everyone and everything

That’s deep

By Cheryl P. Robinson


Photo’s by All of Us!

My Son, Malcolm, of OneSonCreations, his wife, Brit, my daughters, Khamani, Khayla, Khari, and Khenya.

God is All-Knowing. Much love

Free to be Me

Let them explore 🦋

You are Here Today


Tomorrow is not today

Today is today

You are here

Today is today











Not tomorrow

But today



Right now

Is here

With you



you thought


Was tomorrow

But that is no more




But you will miss



Thinking about


Or tomorrow






I love you Ma!

LoveSurvived ❤️💜💗

Thank you dear Lord, I love you.

Get out of your Mind

We are our own worst critic

Well, I’m going to get out of my mind

And shout

I did it!!!!!

I created something special

For us

I hope to inspire you to get out of your mind

And create something new for you

LIke it or not

Sharing love

Is the ultimate release

I bought my own album on iTunes, “To Know and to Love

I listened to it! Yes, I really listened…to it! It was one day when I was I cleaning my bandages from my surgery. What surgery?

Oh , let me give you a little background : )

I started this blog to inspire women. I started this blog to show my skills with poetry. I started this blog to heal from a crazy divorce. I started this blog to help women heal and glow after dealing with domestic violence. I rarely spoke of my own trauma, but that was the plan. I wrote about happiness. I wrote about something better. I wrote about life and how to love, learn, and be happy. Then, I stopped writing for a moment. The doctor said I had breast cancer. The doctor took it out, but my wound just would not heal. Something on the inside was not quite right. My wound had to heal before radiation…he said. Heal and let go… they said.

God I believe in you! Thank you! You could have taken me long ago, but I am here today, and I have a chance to share my love.

LoveSurvived is for the women and anyone who has been through it! It’s for lasting friendships, mending of families, relationships, dealing with loss of love ones, and finding yourself.

LoveSurvived tells the world that you know love is within you.

Love is You!

During my process of healing, I learned to listen to positive music and/or motivational speakers such as Les Brown, T.D. Jakes, Iyanla Vanzant, Lisa Nichols, and many more. Even so, I must show love to my friends, family, strangers, other poets, social media posts because all have impacted my life in a positive way.

However, this one day, after I read the writings and recited my morning prayer, I wanted to listen to me.

I chose my “Relax Your Mind”, my spoken word piece to music produced by Vic Bell, and I played it on repeat for about 5 times. It was so soothing. I was free!

Then, I realized that I was in my own way. I had to get out of my own mind with the negativity.

I prayed for this! Each speaker had spoke of this in someway, and my own mom, bless her soul taught me all of this!

Love is inside of me

I know this

I knew this

How could I have let my mind

Erase this

How did I go on a blind chase for this

It’s okay

I found me!


Relax Cheryl

Smile Cheryl

Listen with love.



Eat right




Speak up

Speak out




Be gentle with yourself.

Make each day your best day.

Love Today

Feel better

Stay positive

Life loves you

Love life back

Your mind is beautiful!

I love y’all! 💕

Website: LoveSurvived

Love Again

Love Again

I saw him

He smiled at me

I smiled back at him

Well maybe not

I looked with a smirk

My eyes were kind of cold

But he smiled again

And told a corny joke

I liked him

I saw him again

I smiled first

He smiled

Next time

Well not long after

He kissed me

I kissed him back

I kissed him

I liked him

But was he a match

Yes, for a friend

I kept telling myself just that

I liked him

But, next I loved them

Oh, how could I say that

Did I know who I was

When my life was out

Of whack

I loved him


Then I came to know

The sound mind me

I found that the one I loved

Was still the one who loved


The most

Now I love him



Is Beautiful

I’m enjoying him

Throughout this rollercoaster


I choose happy

Even when I scream


I do know

To love every Today


Tomorrow is not today


It’s a Journey

To be shared

I know love


It doesn’t hurt


The Changed You


Love Hard

You love hard, but you can’t seem to get it right

The people you love have learned you

So it is thought

You play the victim right


so how do you undo

And keep the good heart

And health bestowed upon you

Don’t accept the wrong

Speak truth and allow your

Space with God to be free

So His words can form

A shield around your being

Doesn’t matter how and what the outside may hear about you

When you let go

You feel your spirit within radiate throughout every open pore in your body as it creates a new more vibrant than before




Light the way!

Love Everyday!

By Cheryl P. Robinson

Sample of my poetic verse

Free to be Me

Visit my Website: LoveSurvived


Check out my new spoken word album “To Know & to Love” produces by Vic Bell and distributed by @DistroKid and live on Apple Music!

❤️❤️My Journey of love told through poetry❤️❤️

Click on the link below

To Know and to Love

Share Love For Me

Share love for me, you, and them

I got a plethora of information

about love wrapped in this mind of me.

Pulling paper, journals, texts, and pens

writing about how love should feel you see

How do we connect to the most high?

Why you say it’s loving but not saving you dismissing

Why you say it’s loving when you denying and upsetting my whole family

Why you say it’s loving but not correcting the savage beasts killing and raping our world

Why you say it’s loving when children crying dying without enough to eat

You listen to negativity

Whitewash and find fault in me for speaking about the false history

Love, it’s keeping us together to fulfill a destiny

Self-love strength and knowledge first will bring out the unity

Speak love speak up for black lives, all lives, and hate will dissipate because Love overpowers so act collectively

We are all one together, so teach love

Love teaching and watch those who were blinded seek Justice for those who didn’t know how to reach

Share love not hate in order to establish the rights of our human family in ways that will show what wrong in our society.

Fix hate in numbers from the pockets of the oppressors so it will be reduced and keep growing the minds of those in poverty

Giving love is not just sweet charity

It hard work building love, character, and trust because growing in this world is challenging, but change is the pain in all honesty

Be Love every day create love in every way in order to share love for me, you, and them.

By Cheryl P. Robinson







I Write to Heal…

These days I’m dealing with a lot

Is it what it is or not





Am I Happy?



I say it’s easy for me

To love in ways that create a new me to love


Are harder than others

But my life is worth that challenge in the gain

The struggle behind the scene.

I loved so hard to save what I believed

Daily Reminders

I’m Free to be happy

I’m in love with Love


For a moment I thought I lost everything, but realized

I gained more time to share love and help others through

Bad vibes

I don’t speak to it

it doesn’t get my energy

My goal is to master this

Much respect to the station of forgiveness

I’m out to start again,

and I will continue to achieve.

My strength is His Strength

Much love

Let’s pray everyday for each other.

On this day, I say a prayer for the departed, loved ones, and foes

We are blessed to share blessings

Share love


It heals

We are all dealing with something

Let’s get through it


Speak love today







Be Happy in this Season of Love

Be happy in this season of love❤️

How do you know if you are happy?

Is it hard for you to be happy?

Why is it hard?

What is going on in your day?

What was on your mind when you woke up?

Did you say thank you for this day, or did you dismiss it as just another day?

If you are not happy today,

do you think you’ll be happy tomorrow?

Let’s celebrate our happiness

Let’s work to find our happiness.

If you are happy, and you know it ….

Share your smile 😃

If you are not sure, I want you to know that

I love you

You are beautiful

You are love

Be happy for that

Love is why we are here

I’m happy because I’m in love with Love!

I’m in love with you

I’m in love with me

We are all so beautiful

I’m happy for that

By Cheryl Pittman Robinson


Open the Window

Open the Window

Through every opened window is your truth

What do you want to see?

He is showing you love.

Is there something in the way?

Obstacles are distractions.

What about the negative energy?

You have the power to take away.

He shows you direction, He gives you guidance, He answers your prayers, He allows you room to break free, He gives you time to mend, He adds people to your life to help you grow, He changes your environment to show you what’s real, He gives you time alone to find your way, and He even allows you to take on the world in some of the most challenging ways, so you can find Him again, and again, and again.

You are Beautiful!
You are right here where He needed you to be. You are learning you. You are learning you. You are learning love. You are learning you. Is it all a simple task? Is it all a simple life? Can love happen in a second? Can it take years to find? Will love happen overnight? Can it happen again? Love is hard work. Love is the light. The light is beautiful. Look in the mirror. See the beautiful. See the light. See the love. Clean the mirror. Shine the mirror. If the mirror breaks get another mirror. The love is still there. Your beauty did not leave. Your love did not break. You are not broken. Get a new mirror look in the mirror and just smile. Smile before you look in the mirror, trust in yourself first. Tell yourself about the beauty you hold. The love you give. Express your love. Express your love. We are all learning how to love. We are all loving for the first time. Love is beautiful. God gives you love. You are your first love. You are your first love. Smile!

Beauty is your beautiful smile

Your mother gave you life

Have you forgotten for a while

Perhaps you  look in the wrong place

For someone to tell you

Forget that outside voice

It’s God who knows

Your Beauty

By Cheryl Pittman Robinson

Happiness is everything. Be happy with where you are. You are here. Love will show you the way. Love will show you when it’s okay to stay. If you want to love, but you are not living in love, Love will move you away. Listen to love, Stay true to Love. The message is not new my love You are your first love. You are learning the YOU in love.

Never allow anyone to break you. …. down.

What you allow will continue…on 

Healing takes time…

Thank you, dear Lord, I love you.


Believe in the Power of Love

Dear Lord,

I thank you for every day.

Keep the faith no matter what!
Greatness is always knowing the tests put before you are for your greater good. You really must believe in His power. His love is everlasting. Thank you, dear Lord, for carrying me. Thank you for allowing me to know you are the One. Thank you for showing me the way to seek you. Thank you for being patient with me. I am growing and it is a delight to know each day is you. Each day you are within me.Each day you give me a responsibility to grow, to learn, and to serve humanity. Life is so beautiful ♥️ Love is beautiful. Thank you for giving me the opportunity to share what I am learning through tests, trials, and stages of forgiveness.
Daily conversations, I incorporate affirmations that remind me how important it is to love myself, be confident, gentle, kind, sweet, considerate, thoughtful, spiritual, loving, smart, beautiful, happy, and extraordinary in all of my pursuits.

To the person reading this, If you are searching for love, confused about it, or even at your happiest state, I would say to you, keep going. Never stop giving, speaking, sharing, and teaching about the love God has blessed you with. Know that each day is a new day on the continuum of your journey. Enjoy each beautiful second, minute, and hour. Strive for greatness. Speak out to love. Have conversations with Love and listen to the Love within you. You will love who you are when you know who you are, and believe me that challenge will be put before you over and over again.

Change is good! You will find your gift because the gift is you. You are a gift to this world. You will no longer yearn to be loved because you understand the love you yearned for is all inside of you. Life teaches you, love. Open your heart. Never close your heart to love, because Love makes it better.


Remember, you are the love you have been searching for, so free yourself from hurt. Free your self from pain. Free your self from loneliness. Free yourself! You are now free to love. You are free! Trust your freedom. Trust in God! Have faith in your freedom! Have faith in God! Love your freedom! Love God! If you get tired and overwhelmed, it’s okay to rest! Do not get stuck in resentment or self-pity. It will rob you of your greatness. You need to enjoy each day. Put forth every effort to serve humanity. Look to put greatness into the universe by Speaking of love while focusing on the wholeness of your well-being. Speak of all that will set the world right. Do not ignore wrongdoings. It will be settled. You will settle it without a vindictive nature, but you will be firm. You will settle it! God will see it and settled it is! God is All-Knowing. Stay on the path of love and do not deviate from your attraction to love. Your beautiful spirit is love. Yes, you may backslide into thinking of your own faults and perceived failures, but your positive mindset is growing you through it! Let it go! Cherish your ability to move forward and to love forward with love. You will sharpen your skills. You will advance you. You will create a haven for peace, and it will enhance you. You will continue to be strong. You will not allow hate to set in your spirit. You will cleanse your heart and you will ask for forgiveness every day from God! You will Thank God for every waking moment.

Thank you, dear lord, I love you! Thank you, dear lord, I love you! You will pray for them pray for them pray for all of them. You will pray for you, pray for you, and these prayers will be for all of us! These prayers will guide all and these prayers will help all of us feel new. Yes! Prayers God is good! Thank you, dear lord, I love you so much. Thank you, dear lord, I do. Cleanse your spirit! Stay healthy. You are happy. You are free! Get those things out of your head you can’t control. You can not control those things do what you can. Thank you, dear lord, I love you. Walk and eat well! Eat well every day! Do something nice for yourself. Love who you are. Be genuinely happy for people. God brought you this far to love more! You are Love! Believe in His power. You are healed through Him. What a wonderful experience it is to know love. Thank you.

You matter!

You matter!

You matter!

Your love matters!

You are love.