Steps to Greatness

What is keeping you from achieving greatness?

Never let anyone or anything deter you from stepping into your greatness….

As I was trying to figure out what to talk to you about, I knew the focus should be on getting out of my own comfort zone. It is just too easy for me to tell myself not to draw too much attention to myself because someone might just say something negative and I may just cry. Nope! I swear to you even as I am writing, I don’t even understand why I allow my concept of love to be overshadowed by how others perceive me. Really?


My mission in life is to develop a thick skin!

My mission in life is to keep going!

My mission in life is to create!

My mission in life is to love!

My mission in life is to be!


I am thankful for my life.

I am thankful for my ability to move.

I am thankful for my gift to write poetry.

I am thankful for my family, friends, and you.

I am thankful for this moment.


I am really having a great day today, because I chose to look at the greatness in others. I am so happy to see others succeed.

In reality, we feel success in our hearts when we choose to celebrate the success of others. Take a look at how we are creating an environment of more love…Do you see it?

 When we feel it, we will share it, and we all flourish. Thank you.

I am successful, and so are you!


Lost and Found by Me

I found me
Where were you
I was here
But in my mind
Lost in fear
Walking with the blind
Counting the years
I found me
On a journey
No regrets
I had to grow
In order to know
That faith is love
All was not lost
The beauties created from that life
Prepared me
The tests and difficulties
Shaped me
Matters of the heart transcended me
Being a lover of His light
Protected me
Sharing my love with you
Elevated me
When I acted in faith
I found me
Much love,

Cheryl Pittman Robinson

Journey- I woke up one morning and just started writing this….

There is one thing I learned and that is life isn’t always what it appears to be or what you imagined it to be. Life just is! When you understand life for what it is… Well, when you grow, when you love, and when you live, you begin living to love and serving God in a way that only you can. This does not come from any outside material findings. It’s an inner wealth that you get from God. You see, it’s already there but when you are growing you learn to accept His will. You look at change both good and bad and you change with it in a way that you are directed. You become honest with yourself.


What did you do?

What can you do differently?

How does it help humanity?

Are you consistently in a state of prayer?

Are you working on your spiritual development each day?

Are you in faith?

Do you really love you?

Do you hear those answers?

It’s okay to love you. You must love you so much because if you do you will treat others with love and respect. You will guide them. You will not judge. You will understand that they to have a story. Their journey, in life on this Earth may it be chaos or calm, is a life. The legacy they hold may be etched in our minds as something to aspire to or not.

There is a level in all of our lives where we have not been at our best, but we learn to stay humble, to trust in his name, to listen to our ancestors when they come to mind, and pray for them everyday. They are with every whisper of the wind.

Create the art of love. Give your talent to the world. Speak love and mean it. Teach love and believe in it.  Share love and don’t ask for it in return. Give love and keep on giving it. Be love and keep on giving it. Be love and your stations will be revealed.


Only God knows you and only God knows…You must have faith in all things. Life is everlasting. All signs are there…It is your station, your purpose, your longevity, andyour use in this world that teaches someone about life. As you analyze the life of a growing child, you may see your tender self in ways that you may have forgotten. God guided you in every way. You made it through. You are here right now. You are thankful and Love is guiding you. You are now!


Listen to your heartbeat. Listen to what you are praying for and know why you are asking for it. Is there a feeling in your heart, a tingle in your stomach each time you feel for a person that everyone has cancelled out. You are okay. This is the beauty of God. You are love. You understand not to condemn, however, you know God’s will.

The world is capable, but we all have a role in speaking love. Justice is love too. We must teach this and trust that every wrong can be made right through all efforts when those conversations with God take place. Your tests have strengthened you for Greatness. Your story is a result of your choices. Your story is not over. Is this the beginning? You cannot call it the end.


On this day you are reading this note, and you are feeling everything. You know your heart. You feel happiness. You are now taking care of yourself, so you will better be able to share yourself with others. Give love, teach it, speak it, be it!

Remember, if your want to know Love you must let Love know your love. I love you, and I am thankful for my gift. My light cannot be extinguished.